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About Us


Our History

As a son of a contractor my father worked his entire life making other peoples visions come to life as senior in High School there is always something you want and my father was not the one to provide it without getting your own hands dirty as time past and I got older I enjoyed working with my father learning every trick there was in the book to getting things done just the way the customer want it and now he has retired and I couldn't be happier for him I am know representing his work and work ethics to my employees and providing the same customer service as my father did years ago.

We Provide All Solutions under one Roof

As a general contractor we are a one stop shop you tell us what you need and we will take care of it from tree removals to concrete pavers retaining walls and much more.

Our Dedicated Team

Friendly customer service staff for your all questions!


Zeke Soto

contact Zeke for estimates or any question you may have 



Jarted Bame

jared is our field supervisor if zeke is not available contact him and he can come and take a look at the project you want done and even give you a emailed estimate



sonia Ocampo

Sonia can be reached any day from 7am to 6pm give her a call if for any reason you can't get a hold of jared or zeke 


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